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Canadian author, Frances Itani is a really fine writer. Her novel, ‘Tell’ received high acclaim in 2014. In her new novel, ‘That’s My Baby,’ the story continues. An adopted daughter, now 18, is resolute in her search for her identity. The young woman’s hunt leads her down many roads and across an ocean where a Second World war is just beginning. This is a tale of veiled truths and it is full of interesting characters that readers can empathize with as the story progresses. An enjoyable read!

Stephen King’s book, ‘Revival’ is a chilling and moving tale (quite a mix)–another supernatural adventure from the leader of that genre. When a young boy gets caught up in a charismatic preacher’s obsession his life begins to spiral out of control. This is as good and scary a story as you will ever want–haunting, horrifying and memorable.

Author Jen Hatmaker believes that every woman is entitled to the toughness that will keep them able to function through loss and grief and also allows them to take advantage of their hopes and visions. In her book, ‘Of Mess and Moxie’ (the definition of ‘moxie’ is the ability to face difficulty with spit and courage; sass, determination and pluckiness). Hatmaker encourages women not to take pain and failure as messing up–she says that struggles don’t mean you are weak–they show that you are human and very much alive. This is an up-beat, humourous and caring look at how to deal with what life hands you.

‘The Games’ by British sportswriter David Goldblatt is a precise and complete history of the modern Olympic Games. The author follows the ups and downs of these noble ventures from their rebirth in Greece in 1896 to the latest event held in Rio de Janiero in 2016. The book includes how international conflicts and controversies affect the Games. This is a very accurate depiction of these global sports encounters. It is a history of the world, seen through the spectacle of the Olympic Games.

Young Adult Pick: ‘The Ruined City’ by John Wilson.

DVD Pick: ‘Rampage’ starring Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) and Naomie Harris–a faced paced film–sort of Jurassic Park and King Kong comes to a zoo near you!

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