Bare Naked Beauty opens new expanded location in Kagawong

Susie Harrison, owner/operator of the Kagawong-based Bare Naked Beauty, poses in the business’ new expansion.

New Sugar Bush Canadian Coffee House also slated to open soon

KAGAWONG – Billings Township will see the opening of a brand new business in Kagawong soon, as well as the relocation and opening of another store which has expanded its services to customers. 

The new and expanded Bare Naked Beauty has opened, and the new Sugar Bush Canadian Coffee House will be opening soon. As has been reported previously, Sandra Hurcomb and Susie Harrison had formed SH2 Incorporated—the company that owns the property and the two main buildings constructed. The business partners had purchased three and a half acres of property off Highway 540 at the corner (where Rock Island Mini-Golf had been located).

Ms. Hurcomb will own-operate The Sugar Bush Canadian Coffee House, and Ms. Harrison owns/operates her close to three years in business Bare Naked Beauty. The space that was previously used by Ms. Harrison for her business has now been filled by local businessperson Rachel Ball of Wild Creations, beside Boo-Bah-Lou Candy Corner.

Alongside delicious coffee, all-Canadian art will be on display (and for sale) from across Canada, with a focus on home décor and be ever-changing, Ms. Hurcomb told the Recorder of The Sugar Bush Canadian Coffee House. “One of the artworks I will have on display is a Jack Whyte painting, ‘Sugar Bush,’ that will be displayed on one wall made to size to accommodate it.”

“We will also have unique antique pieces, both new and old, that have been repurposed,” said Ms. Hurcomb. “There is also a main kitchen area with chairs where people will be able to sit down, have a coffee, espresso and various breakfasts and savory crepes in the afternoon, an all art space and retail space upstairs, which includes art and home decor retail space, with tables etc. for people to sit and enjoy.” 

“I want this business to be high quality, high end, but somewhere that people want to go and spend time at,” said Ms. Hurcomb.

On the tour of the Bare Naked Beauty business and construction, which opened within the past, one will be curious about what is a ‘float pod.’ It is filled with water and Epsom salts and acts as a sensory deprivation tank, explained Ms. Harrison.

“There are also outside hot tubs and saunas and the business also provides hairdressing services, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, as well as the services and products we already provide,” Ms. Harrison said. “There is also be a confection area, all products produced on site for sale. One of the rooms will be for hairdressing, and we have a room for massage therapy, an infrared sauna pod and a sound vibration therapy chair.” 

“The whole idea is for a person coming in to get an all-around wellness experience,” stated Ms. Harrison. “I wanted to move into this bigger location as the business has taken off. I never expected my business to be this popular this quickly; and it’s all thanks to my loyal clients.”

Ms. Hurcomb pointed out the business partners had bought a package from Home Hardware for materials for the buildings construction. “We used mostly stores on the Island, but the drawing and engineering work was provided by Eric Karlson,” she said, noting Peter Gordon of Kagawong was the contractor for the buildings construction. As well, both business partners husbands, Dave Hurcomb and Louis Couillard did extensive work in construction of the buildings. The foundation was provided by (Rob) Hayes Masonry.