Billings council passes budget increase

The Recorder

KAGAWONG—Billings township council has passed its 2019 budget, which will see a small increase to taxpayers.

Billings Mayor Ian Anderson explained in council reaching a final budget for 2019, “this has been a long process. Council met three separate times and I had met staff once before that. We made a lot of progress over the course of the process and we now have a budget that will suit Billings and provides a prudent increase of two percent.”

“We still have to cope with infrastructure and repairs still to be done to the municipal office and other areas,” said Mayor Anderson at the council meeting this past Monday. “I think this is a fair, reasonable budget. And (township clerk) Kathy (McDonald) and her staff need to be commended for all their effort, time and commitment towards the process.”

Councillor Sharon Alkenbrack said, “Kathy, thank you for your patience, help and all the work that you have done in putting together this budget.”

The township office staff, “did a good job, and we had very productive meetings,” said Councillor Sharon Jackson.  

“I also want to thank Kathy for helping us get the budget set,” said Councillor Michael Hunt. 

“I agree,” said Councillor Bryan Barker. “I’m very happy with the work the (township office staff) has done and the guidance you have provided.” He pointed out council, “had a goal before this whole process began, and I think we met this goal; I enjoyed the process.” 

Mayor Anderson said, “this was the first budget I’ve ever been involved in and it was much more onerous than I had ever imagined. He pointed out when council looked at the budget, “and the 40 to 50 pages of single line budget items, it is not a simple thing to go through and it requires a lot of oversight. I’m quite happy with the results.” 

Council passed the budget for 2019, with a two percent increase.