Billings hires new CAO/clerk

Emily Dance will be welcomed as the new clerk/CAO for Billings in November.

KAGAWONG—Billings Township has hired a new CAO/clerk who will replace Kathy McDonald. Ms. McDonald will be retiring later this fall, following municipal elections. Emily Dance, the current clerk for the municipality of Huron-Kinloss, will take over the position in Billings as of November 7.

“I’m really looking forward to working in Billings township and living on the Island,” Ms. Dance told The Expositor. “I have been to Manitoulin quite a few times. We have family and close friends who live on the Island. My husband Kevin and I had always said we would retire on the Island and when the opportunity came up for this position (with Billings), we both said, ‘let’s do this now.’

Mr. Dance explained she is the clerk of the municipality of Huron-Kinloss, with the municipal office in Ripley. She is originally from Point Clark, where she and her husband currently live. “I’ve been working for Huron-Kinloss since 2018. And before that I worked in Kincardine as executive assistant CAO.” 

“I will be starting with Billings on November 7 after I help handle the election duties (in Huron-Kinloss),” said Ms. Dance.

“We have been involved in the process of seeking a replacement for Kathy McDonald who this spring announced that she was retiring this fall,” said Billings Mayor Ian Anderson. “As of this morning, council officially approved hiring Emily and having myself and deputy mayor Bryan Barker  sign on behalf of the township and make the announcement. We are pleased to announce that the township has hired Emily (Dance). She has approximately 15 years experience,  having worked as a municipal clerk and has been an executive assistant CAO in Kincardine.”

“We’re very happy to have Emily on board with the township,” Mayor Anderson told The Expositor. “With her background working with municipalities, training and experience, we feel she is going to be a really good fit as the new CAO/clerk.”

Mayor Anderson suggested, “it takes a while to get to know a municipality, but we have really good staff who will provide guidance for Emily at the beginning.”

“Kathy is definitely going to be missed for her very valuable contributions to the township over the past 18 years,” added Mayor Anderson.