Boating mishap sends child to hospital

CARNARVON TOWNSHIP— On Monday. June 29 at 3 pm, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Manitoulin detachment, was notified of a capsized small boat on Lake Mindemoya near Stanley Park Resort in Central Manitoulin Township.

A father and his eight-year-old son were fishing in a small plastic boat near shore when a fishing hook got caught in the lifejacket of the child. The lifejacket was removed to disengage the fish hook when the boat capsized, sending father and son into the water. The father surfaced but the child was not immediately located.

Persons witnessing this incident called police and officers of the Manitoulin OPP responded to the scene. Upon arrival, and with EMS attending, the child was located on shore by persons at the scene, but had taken on large amounts of water. He was immediately transported to the Manitoulin Health Centre Mindemoya by ambulance and then airlifted to a children’s hospital for further treatment.

The Expositor is pleased to report that the child was discharged from hospital and is in good health.

The OPP stresses the importance of wearing a lifejacket at all times when on the water as tragedies like this can happen in an instant.