Bridal Veil Falls trails, with exception of staircase, open to the public


BILLINGS – At the Billings Municipal Emergency Control Group weekly meeting Thursday it was decided to reopen all trails along the lower Kagawong River, including the trail to the base of Bridal Veil Falls.
“The only part of this system that will remain closed is the staircase from the MTO (Ministry of Transportation) parking lot at the top of the falls leading to the base of the falls,” said Billings Mayor Ian Anderson. “This narrow staircase makes it impossible to maintain physical distancing and there is no practical way to continuously disinfect the hand rails.”
The mayor reminded visitors that ample parking exists at the Park Centre parking lot and it is recommended that the public use this parking location.

Construction has begun in the Small Craft Harbour at the river mouth making parking at the lower bridge area limited and congested.