C.C. McLean Colts going strong!

by Rachael Orford

Are you still enjoying your Halloween candy? Or was it gone by Wednesday morning? Now that Halloween is done for another year, it is time to move on to the next event.

On Tuesday, October 24, Paul Benki, who is a teacher, singer and songwriter, visited the school to do a presentation on bullying. Paul has travelled all over Canada singing his songs and giving presentations about bullying in many schools. All students gathered in the gym for the entertaining presentation. During the presentation, Paul spoke about how to deal with a bully, how to solve the problem and the different types of bullying. He told real stories about how he was bullied growing up and how he dealt with it. Some lucky students got to go up to the front of the gym and play an instrument in Paul’s “band.” Even the teachers got a turn to play some instruments in the “band.”

Also on Tuesday, October 24, some classes took a walk downtown for the Walk for Polio. The event was sponsored by the Rotary Club and escorted by the Gore Bay Fire Department and OPP. Students and staff showed their support, even though they got a little bit wet in the process.

On Thursday, October 26, the flag football teams travelled to Assiginack Public School for a tournament. The teams played a few games during the day, and despite the wet and cold weather, the teams did great. A total of 10 teams played in the tournament. There was an A and B division.

C.C. McLean’s A team placed first overall, and brought home the trophy. The A team came home undefeated with three wins and one tie against Little Current Public School (LCPS). In the end, LCPS and C.c. McLean had the same results on the day (three wins, one tie), so it came down to points for and against. C.C. McLean had a plus 69 point differential over LCPS’s plus 36. The winning A team included: Anthony Dearing, Jordan Bailey, Trent Bell, Nate Merrylees-Cooper, Damien Merrylees, Abby Witty and Jonathan Deremo.

On Friday, October 27 there was a family Halloween Dance in the school’s gym. It was a haunting success. Thank you to everyone that helped with the spooktacular set-up.

On Wednesday, November 1, the Grade 8s Little Caesar’s pizza kits were delivered. The students spent a long time sorting. If you did not receive the pizza kit that you ordered you may want to get in contact the grade eight student you ordered it from. Thank you to all the people that purchased kits to support the grade eight fundraiser.

Also on Wednesday, November 1, progress reports went home. The perfect supper conversation topic. Following the sending home of progress reports, parent/teacher interviews occurred on Thursday, November 2. This gave parents or guardians the chance to hear how their child is progressing so far this year.

Along with parent/teacher interviews, a book fair was held in the library. All kinds of books and accessories were sold. The great thing about books is that there are no commercials.

Don’t forget! It is that time of year again. On Saturday night, set your clocks back one hour. Look at it this way, one extra hour of sleep. Hooray!

Joke of the week: What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish? Every morning you’ll rise and shine!

Upcoming events include, Remembrance Day, and a P.D. day.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”