C.C.McLean Colts going Strong!

Today is a P.D. Day! But even better, it is Mickey Mouse’s birthday day tomorrow, November 18! Making his debut on November 18, 1928, the lovable mouse is now 89-years-old. And yes, I do realize that he doesn’t look that old.

Also tomorrow is national princess day. So to all you princesses out there, both young and old, tomorrow is your day to shine.

The character trait for the month of November is courage. Staff have seen the students be very courageous so far, and I hope everyone continues to be for the rest of the month.

Monday, November 9 was Paperless Monday. Students and staff in all Rainbow Schools were invited to go paperless in support of World Paper Free Day. Classes were encouraged to use technology rather than paper for assignments, lessons, art and much more.

Did you know that turning one tree into paper releases over 110 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?

On Friday, November 10, C.C. McLean held a Remembrance Day service in the gym. Thank you to all the students, staff, parents, and community members who attended. Thank you to all of our speakers who recited poetry and spoke about Remembrance Day. Also thank you to all the classes that made the beautiful artwork for Remembrance Day that was put on display in the gym and in the hallways.

For the last week or so, in preparation for Remembrance Day, students have been reading stories, learning about or researching facts about the first and second World Wars. To demonstrate what they have learned, students in grades 1 to 8, have been working on posters, essays and poetry for the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Contest.

Just in case you didn’t notice, it is officially hat, mittens, and fuzzy socks weather. Please make sure your child is dressed for the cold weather as he/she will be outside for recess. Note: playing tag to stay warm in is not the safest thing to do on ice.

Just a quick reminder that there is a lost and found table in the hallway for all lost mittens, hats and scarves that could be left behind at the end of the day. If your child seems to only have one mitten, you know where to start looking.

Since we had our first snowfall of the year, I thought I would give you a few winter jokes. What is an “ig?” A snow house without a “loo.”

What did the walrus say when it was late? “I would have been here sooner, but my iceberg hit a ship.”

Talking about all this wintry stuff has made me cold, so let’s go inside where it is warm. Inside, the girls and boys volleyball teams have been practicing during, before, and after school for tournaments coming up in December. The girls coach is Mr. Scott, and the boys coach is Mr. Smith.

Joke of the week for all you farmers out there: Why wouldn’t the cows eat the round  bale? Because they wanted a square meal.

Upcoming events include Camo Day.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve.”