C.C. McLean Colts going strong!

Today is the last day of school before Christmas break! Only three more sleeps until Santa comes and only a few more pieces of chocolate left in your advent calendar. The past week has been filled with candy canes and jingle bells. Not literally, but the Christmas spirit was felt throughout the halls. In the classes, there has been lots of laughter as the students prepared for the concert and finished up all their school work before the break.

Speaking of Christmas, students, and school work, I have a joke for you: What is another name for Santa’s elves? Subordinate Clauses.

A big thank you to everyone that purchased C.C. McLean spirit wear! Just a reminder that there will be another order placed early in the new year.

On Thursday, December 14, the girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams were supposed to participate in the Island volleyball tournament. The unexpected power outage lead to the buses being cancelled and schools closed, meaning that the tournament was not held. The tournament was rescheduled to January 11, 2018.

On Tuesday, December 19, the school held their bi-annual Christmas concert. The students and staff held a dress rehearsal at 9 am and the concert at 6:30 pm. In order of appearance the performances were: Mrs. Best’s Grade 2/3 class with three songs, ‘Santa Claus Canon,’ ‘Hurry Santa,’ and ‘Make a Difference;’ Mrs. VanderWeerden’s ELK class with ‘Little Snowflake;’ Mrs. Flood’s Grade 1 class with ‘Christmas Tree;’ Mrs. Patterson’s Grade 6/7 class with a special performance of ‘Deck the Halls;’ Mr. Scott’s 5/6 class with parodies of popular songs called ‘Feelin’ Arctic;’ then Mrs. Hagman’s Grade 4 class joined the 5/6 class to sing ‘Snow;’ the 5/6 class left the stage and the Grade 4 class sang a bucket tapping version of ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ For the final performance, the Grade 8s answered the question, “What do Santa’s elves do in their spare time?” The elves go to elf school, go bird watching on the invisible bench, and do some synchronized swimming. Thank you to all parents, friends, and community members that came out to enjoy the show!

What is an elf’s favourite birthday cake? Shortcake.

The Grade 7 and 8 ski trip presentation was held on Wednesday, December 20. The presentation was designed to teach the students about what the ski trip in February would have in store for them. The presentation included how to be safe on the ski hills and trails.

Today, December 22, the students and staff gathered in the gym, at 9 am, for the annual Christmas Sing Along. Also known as the ‘Christmas Sing Sing,’ the students and staff sang their hearts out, so much so that Santa was dancing with Dancer at the North Pole while packing the sleigh.

Today was also Red/Green or Ugly Christmas sweater spirit day. Students and staff dressed in either red and/or green, or in their favourite ugly Christmas sweater. You really should have seen some of those ugly Christmas sweaters!

Joke of the week: What did the gingerbread man put on his bed? A cookie sheet.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Don’t forget, you can’t be elf-ish and have all the turkey and presents to your-elf.

Upcoming events include, Have a great Christmas break, Colts!

Until the new year, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!