Centennial Manor to get new air conditioning units by year’s end

Manitoulin Centennial Manor

MANITOULIN—The cost of installation of needed new air conditioning/heating units at the Manitoulin Centennial Manor prior to the close of 2017 will be borne by the Manor itself, through its 2017 budget, and not by a special levy on the participating municipalities. However, some more work still needs to be done to the entire heating/air conditioning system and it appears the Manor board will be seeking a one-time support payment from participating municipalities at some future point.                     

“At our Manor board meeting yesterday (Thursday of last week) we were informed that we managed to take possession of a new air conditioning/heating unit,” said Paul Moffatt, chair of the Manor board. “We will be able to buy this out of this year’s budget. Actually, the purchase cost was a little under the forecasted price. We are able to take this out of our (Manor) budget so we don’t have to go to the municipalities for that.”

Mr. Moffatt did point out, however, that “we are still working on the heat/vent controller replacement as part of the entire system. We will probably have to go to the municipalities for financial support for the (heating/air conditioning) control vents (to be replaced) on a small one-time contribution from each.” The total estimated cost of these refits is $34,000.

“We feel it would  be better to have this done on a small one-time contribution from the municipalities to cover the costs than doing this by increasing contributions a small amount per year until it is paid off,” added Mr. Moffatt.