CC McLean P.S. Colts Going Strong!

by Rachael Orford

GORE BAY—Today, October 6, is National Noodle Day. So grab your favourite pasta and enjoy.

Also, Halloween is coming soon! Time to start planning the Halloween costumes!

C.C. McLean’s composting is back in full force again this year. On Monday, September 25, compost captains went around to each classroom and informed them about how composting works and how everyone can help. In each classroom, there is a green container for compost such as orange and banana peelings, apple cores and much more. Every Monday these green containers are put out and every Friday they are collected. The compost is then put into a bin outside of the school for it to start the breakdown process. Thank you to the compost captains for all of your hard work!

On Tuesday, September 26, the Junior and Intermediate 3-pitch teams had their tournament. Four teams represented C.C. McLean. Two Junior teams played at C.C. McLean and two Intermediate teams played in Mindemoya.

The Junior “A” team did very well and the Junior “B” team came in second place. The intermediate “A” team did very well. They won their fourth and final game to come in fourth. The Intermediate “B” team did awesome. They tied for third with one win and one tie. Each player represented C.C. McLean very well. Way to go Colts!

The Grade 7 students got very special treatment last Thursday, September 28. It was time for their needles! Their future looks “sharp” as they only have a few more needles to go for this  year!

On the morning of September 28,  all students and teachers gathered in the gym for the bus evacuation presentation. The presentation started with a few words from Officer Ford and Mrs. Chapman on bus safety. Then the whole school watched a video on how to evacuate a bus in case of an emergency. Next, everyone headed outside into the school’s parking lot to practice the evacuation procedures on their own buses. The bus evacuations were led by the bus patrollers.

This past Wednesday, October 4, everyone dressed their best and brushed their teeth a  little longer, so that they would look good and their teeth would be pearly white for the camera as it was picture day!

Also on October 4, the school council had their first meeting of the year.

For the weekly information about the Grade 8’s 21st century classroom, I asked Mrs. Lockyer, “if she had to change her teaching style to match the 21st century classroom?” Mrs. Lockyer said that she has always tried to teach like she was in a 21st century classroom. She has always felt like she has taught with the students’ interests in mind. Trying to keep up with the latest teaching trends, ideas, and layouts while on a budget.

This year, having a real 21st century classroom, with a 1.1 ratio of technology to students, a green screen room, a maker space, and a smart board, she can do even more to keep the students fully engaged.

Joke of the week: What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient chicks? If your father could see you now, he’d turn over in his gravy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t eat too much turkey and pumpkin pie!!

Upcoming events include, cross-country and bus patrollers’ training.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”