Celebration of covenant of Reverend Mercedes Hughes held at Gore Bay church

Left to right are Barbara Knott, chair of the Sudbury Presbytery, Rev. Mercedes Hughes and Rev. Janice Frame. They all participated in the celebration of covenant for Revered Mercedes Hughes held at the Lyon’s Memorial United Church in Gore Bay, on Sunday. The celebration was hailed as “a pretty big event in the history of our church” by United Church Council Chair Jeff Hietkamp.

GORE BAY—A special celebration of Covenant of Reverend Mercedes Hughes with Lyons Memorial United Church and the Sudbury Presbytery was held this past Sunday at Lyons Memorial United Church in Gore Bay.

“This is a pretty big event in the history of our church,” said Jeff Hietkamp, United Church council chair, at the beginning of the service. He said, “we are celebrating the church covenant of (Rev.) Mercedes Hughes today and we have members from the Sudbury Presbtery, Lyons Memorial United Church and members of the (United Church) congregation from Silver Water, Meldrum Bay and other parts of the Island.
Mr. Hietkamp introduced Barbara Knott, chair of the Sudbury Presbytery, who was the worship leader.

“It is great to be here today to celebrate the covenanting of Rev. Mercedes, Lyons Memorial United Church and the Sudbury Presbytery.”            

The presentation of the new minister, then the welcome delivered by Mr. Hietkamp took place, followed by the scripture Matthew 14:22-32 presented by Rev. Janice Frame, who also delivered the message.

A Prayer of Dedication was held, followed by the prayer of dedication, covenanting action, statement of this new ministry by Ms. Knott and the promises of the new Minister.

For the Promises of the Pastoral Charge, Ms. Knott asked the congregation, “Will you join with Mercedes in a ministry of worship, study, prayer, and action within this pastoral charge and in the world, and support her?” The congregation replied, “We will, with the help of God.”

A presentation of symbols ceremony then took place with items such as a bible and water being presented to Rev. Hughes by members of the congregation.

“Five and a half years ago I acknowledged Your call to the ministry,” said Rev. Hughes. “Each time I faced a stumbling block, God answered my prayers. I don’t know why God led me to Lyons Memorial United Church, but I’m here fully and joyfully to faithfully serve,” she said, noting the Lyons U.C. congregation and Sudbury Presbytery welcomed her and opened their hearts to her.

Rev. Hughes was welcomed as the new minister of Lyon’s Memorial U.C. this past July.

Special music was provided during the service by Sharon and John MacDonald.