Clint Haggart back in jail

SUDBURY—The man charged with arson to three properties in Little Current over the course of three terrifying months in 2014 for that community’s residents was again in court last month.

Clinton Haggart, age 34, was charged in April 2017 with the assault of a female following a break and enter at a Sudbury residence, thereby breaking his probation order. He was also charged with stealing 12 packages of cigarettes from the female victim, or theft under $5,000.

After being indicted on the four charges, Mr. Haggart appeared in Sudbury court on July 19 where he was found guilty of charge one, assault, and charge three, keeping peace and good behaviour as per his probation. Charges two and four, break and enter and theft under $5,000, were withdrawn.

The judge sentenced Mr. Haggart to serve 11 days in jail for the charges, concurrently, as his pre-sentence custody of 86 days actually counts for 129 days due to jailhouse conditions. He was also sentenced to 12 months’ probation, including having to provide a DNA sample. Mr. Haggart must also pay a $400 victim surcharge fee within 12 months.