Concern that opening a Timmies is the thin edge of a wedge

Opening one franchise on Manitoulin leaves door open for others to flock in

To the Expositor:

With regards to Mr. Neil Ballantyne of Hamilton, I have to applaud him for his success within a Tim Horton franchise in a big city. Your high praise bestowed on Timmies is to be commended.

I am well aware that the litter on the roads is not the fault of the company but it augments by having a Timmies on Manitoulin. There were also a few other articles and interviews that shot down having a Tim Horton located here. The social media also expressed their concerns. Whether this particular franchise opens here or not, the younger generation will move to larger cities. Not all of them want to make a career out of working at Timmies. Some Tim’s franchises are taking benefits and tips from their workers because of the minimum wage hike. This fact alone will affect the opinions of Manitoulin Islanders.

My main concern really is that by opening one franchise on Manitoulin, the door is left open for others to come here. That being said, and if I understand correctly, it is not in our hands, it is up to MTO to approve the location.

Monique Dowse

Bay Estates