Tehkummah Talk & Times

Cancellation of bid euchre practice and bingo last Monday was weather related. I think everyone was low key on Tuesday due to the same storm.  Today is beautiful, still could be a bit treacherous. Popped in for a couple of minutes to the library. Just tried banana bread, good.

Five tables for cribbage: high hand, Cal, 24; first, Graham and Sheila, 940; tied second and third, Patrysha and Laura, Dorothy and Yogi, 927; low, Margaret and “silent,” 833; door, Lyla, Glenna and Margaret Mc. We are missing some our players due to illness, surgeries etc. Wish you all well. Everyone was raving about the spectacular ice sculptured trees. Looked like the finest crystal and diamonds to me.

Dorothy returned from the Sault from an eye surgery appointment. Bill C has been to T.O. for a PET scan recently. Bev is feeling better, thank goodness. The last couple of weeks some familiar names in the obituary column. Sympathy to the families.

When they speak of a pecking order, I was really made aware of it, as I watched hundreds of small birds at my feeders today. Some are just waiting for trouble with their wings stretched, defying another to come near, others just pounce and beat the crap out of an innocent bystander. And when you say life isn’t fair, and that according to who? That old expression dog eat dog, well… I guess the grass is always greener (over the septic bed) according to Erma Bombeck, anyway.

Big news on the Island this week, Eh!

Hey, you guys can envy me, I got a delicious piece of Margaret McCarthy’s cherry pie, and some lovely mincemeat tarts from neighbour Yogi. So, I’m doing ok, without having to fight for my morsels!! I just wait with my mouth open like a baby bird and daily I can’t lose for winning! Yogi baked her tarts in Mum’s clam shell baking pan.

One of the things I’m learning about bid euchre that if you don’t have the cards, don’t bid. Makes sense. It’s hard to say what kind of a score one might get if it wasn’t for going backwards. Today, Tuesday: high, Betty Jean, 234;  Dave James, 217; Hank, 213; low, Andy, 83; door, Dave James.

Friday! Well the girls, Pauline and Susan, forgot to make me hold the fire cracker while they ignited it. (It was a small one, though, found in Mum’s stuff. And birthday celebration goes on. They cooked up delicious clam chowder or potato soup, chicken wings, shrimp, bean salad, a crusty brie dish, etc., etc. Cupcakes with a sparkler for dessert, mincemeat tarts and cookies. A lovely afternoon, Chris Lanktree, Simon and Wayne. After those three left we had a couple of games of cribbage, I won, and Susan won. The hostess of the day didn’t, but she did show us the most beautiful video? Facebook, granddaughter Samantha Jameus did as a school project. What a talent, no doubt the McCauley heritage, ha! Can she sing? Thanks so much for a great visit and meal (surprise).

I have to thank my taxi drivers Susan and then Ray on Saturday, when I went once again to Sherry and Dave’s for supper, as always delicious! Pineapple upside down birthday cake for Ray, whose birthday was 26th. He did get an experienced birthday cupcake on Friday evening, candle and the song.  He’d been busy unloading or loading pellets for his stove, into their basement. We played Tiki after supper Saturday, Sherry and Dave each won one. If it had been high score I’d have been in the winner’s circle. Tara brought me home, Laurene was in for a visit Saturday too.

Church sermon on Sunday, we all sang our way through it all, at St. Andrews. So very nice. After church my van was happy to go for a drive to town after its week-long ice-covered snow-covered rest. Hey, be careful folks! Watch for the aforementioned ice..

The lake looks pretty open (South Bay).

We have the best choir, without us having a church choir, if you know what I mean. Had a burger at Carol’s and Earl’s. He’s housecleaning for summer!