Cost of property upgrade should go to vote

To the Expositor:

Along with The Expositor, the following letter has been sent to the Reeve and Council of Central Manitoulin, Member of Parliament Carol Hughes.

We, the taxpayers of Mindemoya must act now if we do not want to pay for the engineering––planning, drainage and upgrading of the low-lying privately owned property––whose owners want the tax paying Mindemoya public to absorb the cost, which I understand will be over one million dollars.

Most of us have already paid the debenture covering the cost of having the drainage, sewer, water and roads of our property, so why should we the taxpayers pay for their problems?

I live on Anglin Street and our drainage, sewer, water, and our secondary roads are just fine and we do not want any destruction or heavy trucks riding up and down them.

If we still are a free and democratic majority rule country, which I fought in the Black Watch Infantry in the Second World War to maintain, may I suggest we have a referendum; yes or no question on the bottom of our next Central Manitoulin election ballot concerning this issue.

Willard Taylor