Crickets in the hallways from township and Friends of the Norisle

An expectation of communication from public servants when called on to explain actions

Dear good people of Assiginack and Friends of the Norisle,

I got a few compliments on my first letter concerning the Township of Assiginack and the Friends of the Norisle dispute and I was grateful to hear directly the feedback that people thought there were some good ideas and questions put forth in that letter.

I have heard nothing from either the township or the Friends of the Norisle thus far (they can easily reach me as I have my phone number and email address right on my front door, and most people in this town can find out where a community member lives). 

I was wondering if these further points I see as possibilities of reality and questions that are still unanswered might make them change their actions, and start to collaborate, or at least compromise for the betterment of our community.

1. Why are they not talking to me yet? Why are they not trying to settle this out of court to protect the taxpayers and community members of Assiginack? Are they afraid of something? Are they hiding something?

2. I’m guessing their lawyers have made them fearful of communication because if the matter is resolved out of courts, they don’t get paid (as much).

3. Have they not read my letter? Are all sides of the disputes intentions pure? Are they focussed on behaving in a manner that represents the people of Assiginack first?

4. Worst case scenario: Someone besides the lawyers on either side of the dispute has purposefully set up this conflict so that they can financially benefit by having the taxpayers of Assiginack foot their greedy plan. (I really hope this isn’t the case, but now that I’ve mentioned it, I hope some of us will follow up here in Assiginack and make sure this isn’t the case).

My intentions are clear, and should be known to be clear.  Each day I do my best to grow as a person, be a good person, be a good dad and community member. I expect the same of the members who are employed by the citizens of this community, and when we call on you to explain your actions, we expect you to communicate back to us how we can all get together and solve issues so that it benefits the greater good.

The saga continues. 

Howie Mende


EDITOR’S NOTE: As has been reported in previous articles of this newspaper, the S.S. Norisle Steamship Society has been advised by its lawyer that they should not speak publicly on the ongoing lawsuit against the Township of Assiginack.