Criticism of The Expositor reporting on Tehkummah council

“It is a shame what is going on in our township.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Expositor stands by its reporting of the situation in Tehkummah, and all other stories we cover across Manitoulin. The Expositor spoke with the individual involved in the incident at the Tehkummah municipal office and, while that individual disputed the accounts given to this newspaper by both the OPP and a town councillor, they declined to speak on the record.

To the Expositor:

As a concerned resident of Tehkummah I hate to see your paper follow the big city paper and only report one side of a story, therefore only half the truth to make it more sensational. I would certainly hope the owner, if he knew, would not condone this type of reporting.

In regards to a dispute between our town clerk and one of our resident, only on side of the situation was reported and therefore biased. I’m sure your reporter should know better than this. It leaves me wondering what else is misreported.

It is a shame that some residents of Tehkummah believe your story to be true and other don’t know the full story and therefore can’t judge for themselves what is really going on in our township office.

It is a shame what is going on in our township. Because of two councillors they have not replaced a councillor who resigned. Every other municipality handles this by taking the next one in line. Nothing can get done and I can’t figure out what their agenda is and why they are stalling.

Dorothy Cronk