Current pope’s lifestyle is a wakeup call to mankind

Stephen Harper’s rich-favouring policies provide a poor comparison

To the Expositor:

It was nice to see the Pope and this man has no interest with all the luxuries that this world has to offer. He is just a simple man who wants to do his duty as a pope. To show mankind that having luxury in life does not matter to God. It’s how you live and how you treat others without the greed, this touched a lot of people! To me this is a wake up call for mankind. Nobody is any closer to God that we are at the same level with everybody else, when it comes to God and I hope this will help a lot of people change their way of life. Then we have these two levels of government who are always shooting off their mouths saying they’re going to help the poor! Well where is the help? I certainly have not seen any kind of help so far its just getting worse and then the news more people are becoming homeless and more people going hungry, because of the high cost of hydro also we have this stupid Steven Harper who is selling off this countries businesses and in return that will cost Canadians more money to live on this land. Who in the right mind would have this person back in power? Stephen Harper does not give a damn about you or me except for his rich friends only.

Ronald Osawabine