An endorsement of the Conservative option this election

If you don’t like big tax hikes but you like a hard worker, André Robichaud is that candidate

To the Expositor:

Deborah Wilson made mention of Prime Minister Harper making a comment about then PM Paul Martin of April 2005 when the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal had come to light! Yes, 40 million dollars of taxpayers’ money just disappeared in brown envelopes to Chretien, Martin, Goodale and McCallum’s Quebec Liberal friends! It was nice of Mr. Harper to make comment on the monies being stolen by the Liberals, glad someone did! Now what do we see Justin doing for the big change he promises Canada, but bringing in Chretien, Martin and Goodale to speak for him! That is scary stuff, not change!

Trudeau promises deficits of 10 billion dollars for three years, carbon taxes, wants to repeal the tax free savings, wants to bring in 50,000 unscreened refugees by Christmas (Ret. General Hillier), says “budgets balance themselves,” attacks small business owners with the statement “small business is just a tax loop hole for the rich” and then promises higher payroll taxes and new tax to pay off his teeny weeny three 10 billion dollar deficits! Poor Heather Wilson, she not only has to run against two competing candidates, she has to run against all of Trudeau’s ridiculous promises to tax and attack her small business supporters!

Carol Hughes does not want it brought up, but did everyone know that Mulcair is vowing to bring back a gun registry if elected? Yes he is! (MacLeans September 2015), Glen Thibeault, former Sudbury NDP MP, “if it wasn’t for Mulcair’s flip flop on the gun registry I would likely still be with the NDP” and “Mulcair had total disregard for his caucus members.”

Mulcair, as was Trudeau, was completely wrong about Canada’s fiscal situation! Two balanced budgets and two surpluses  good job prime minister! Trudeau/Mulcair quickly say, “oh it was because of cuts.” Sorry boys, all those cuts were actually increases in vet funding, 13 percent; First Nation funding, 29 percent; seniors funding, six percent; infrastructure, a record investment; science research, 1.5 billion over 10 years; health care funding, six percent.

Mulcair wants to raise corporate taxes by 2.5 percent and every expert asked says “200 to 250 thousand job losses if Mulcair were to do it.” Poor Carol Hughes must shake her head over her leader Mulcair! Mulcair promised user pay carbon tax during the MacLeans debate on home heating, hydro, gas, groceries etc. etc.! Wow, that’s going to hurt families, seniors and businesses dramatically!

Andre Robichaud, economics specialist, will support our prime minister’s promise of the largest small business tax break in 25 years, work diligently in growing Algoma/Manitoulin/Kapuskasing’s Economy, work along side First Nation development, bring some of our youth back to the North, will not allow a gun registry like Carol Hughes, keep our taxes low, fund infrastructure projects and be in a government with stability and common sense values! If you don’t like big tax hikes, but you do like a hard worker, Andre Robichaud is that candidate!

Allen McQuarrie

Gore Bay