Debajehmujig launches membership drive celebrating 30th anniversary

MANITOWANING—For 30 years, the North’s premier aboriginal theatre company has been delivering innovative programming and trendsetting theatre offerings that have redefined Anishinaabe theatre and set it firmly in front of the international stage. In celebration of those three decades of professional storytelling, Debajehmujig Storytellers are conducting a membership drive offering people and businesses a unique opportunity to, literally, become part of the Debajehmujig story.

“We are offering three levels of membership,” said membership drive coordinator Audrey Wemigwans. “There are $30, $100 and $300 annual memberships.”

The $30 dollar membership is for an individual and includes a one year membership with full voting rights for board, committee and executive vacancies at the 2015 annual general meeting, acknowledgement of your contribution in the 30th anniversary commemoration book ‘Debaj at 30: The Story So Far,’ an invitation to the celebratory feast honouring over 1,000 people who have assisted Debaj through its history, an email newsletter on what is happening at Debaj and a $30 tax reciept.

The $100 membership includes all that, along with two invitations to the 30th anniversary celebration, a copy of the commemorative book and, of course, a $100 tax receipt.

The $300 membership is aimed at families, groups, businesses, organizations and programs who wish to sponsor a specific Debaj activity. The targeted contributions can go to youth training and mentorship, advancements in music programming, intergenerational initiative, environmental substantiability, advancements in traditional language, advancements in visual arts, advancements in digital technologies, traditional storytelling, holistic health and arts practices or children’s arts programming.

Along with being able to target your sponsoring membership to a specific Debaj activity, the group membership provides three tickets to the celebration, a gift copy of the commemorative book complete with a 30 word acknowledgement in the book identifying the type of activity you are sponsoring—and a charitable donation receipt for $300.

“We are hoping that groups will take the opportunity to tell people what Debaj means to them,” said Ms. Wemigwans.

“Please consider a membership at this time in our history, to celebrate together 30 years of professional storytelling, but also to give you the opportunity to influence the type of projects and programs we develop with the community,” reads a promotional poster being sent out to Debaj supporters. “This season’s membership will form a network for consultation and a sounding board for new ideas. We look forward to many new community partnerships as a result.”

Those interested in purchasing memberships can contact Ms. Wemigwans at 705-859-1820, by email at, mail to Debajemujig Theatre Group, 8 Debajehmujig Lane, Wikwemikong, Ontario, P0P 2J0 or by dropping by the Creation Centre at 43 Queen Street in Manitowaning. For those taking up the $300 membership, don’t forget to include your 30 word message along with your cheque payable to Debajehmujig Theatre Group.

Michael Erskine