Debajehmujig saves the 12 Days of Christmas from the Grinch

The grand finale brings the entire cast of the 12 Days of Christmas to the stage as a heart grows 12 times its size.

MANITOWANING—Spoiler alert! The 12 Days of Christmas all end well and good despite the best, or worst, efforts of a certain green humbug and his canine accomplice.

Audience members were treated to the rough and tumble hilarity that has come to mark the Debajehmujig festive season outings, with veteran Debaj thespian Bruce Naokwegijig anchoring the performance as the big green meanie, the varied and talented cast and crew took to the stage to thwart the Grinch through hook, crook and happenstance.

Scenes that would be all too familiar to office workers, city dwellers and rural folk alike unfold their challenges in the Grinch’s demonic plan to ruin Christmas and to steal the 12 Days of Christmas. This isn’t your little Cindy Lou Who’s world, but the potential for heart expanding moments abound nonetheless.

One of the most outstanding performances of the evening came as Josh Peltier, whose stellar artwork once again forms the backdrop at the Debajehmujig Creation Centre Larry E. Lewis Studio at 43 Queen Street in Manitowaning and who wrote the piece, demonstrated how a small childhood memory can warm the hearts and minds through the auspices of a few bright red Christmas ornaments.

“We thought we should shake things up a bit this year,” said Mr. Peltier, interviewed following the applause on opening night. “We decided to bring a little different take on some old Christmas standards.”

Among the more poignant moments in the multimedia productions was the reminisces of community members of their favourite Christmas memories. It is too easy in these days of conspicuous consumption to forget how simple pleasures lightened the darkest days of winter at this time of year.

Christmas was a time when a little sweetness came into the lives of people who had very little and the community pulled together to celebrate the holiday season.

The Debajehmujig 2014 holiday show’s first performances took place on December 12 and 13, with the rest of the run beginning tonight (Wednesday, December 17), Thursday December 18 and concluding December 19. Each show begins at 7 pm and costs $20 for an adult, $15 for students and elders and $10 for children 12 and under.