M.S.S Kids In The Hall

This week at Manitoulin Secondary School everyone was getting ready for their Christmas break which is only a few days away! As part of the Twelve Days of Christmas, the Three Fires Confederacy hosted plasma car races on Monday, December 8. Racers sped down the hall as they hurtled towards the finish line. Three Fires Confederacy is also collecting coats for young people who are having trouble keeping warm this winter.

On Wednesday, December 10 the Best Buddies Club had a wonderful Christmas party, and all Buddies were invited. The Best Buddies Club creates one-on-one friendships between mainstream students and peers in the Life Skills class, which builds a more inclusive and accepting environment. Partygoers chowed down on pizza, chips, cookies and pudding, all prepared by the Life Skills class. Music was played and friends of all ages got together with their Best Buddy and laughed away the lunch period.

To get everyone into the carolling mood, Mr. Theijsmeijer hosted a game of ‘Don’t forget the lyrics!’ on Thursday, December 11 where contestants got up on the stage in the cafeteria and sang a little bit of a song, but they could not repeat the same song as any other player. The winners of the game received a chocolate bar, and bragging rights. The winner was Courtney Oswald, and runner up was Kendra Jordison. All the participants did an awesome job jamming to their favourite tunes on stage.

On Friday, December 12 an eggnog chugging contest was hosted by the Athletic Association. All spectators were amused by the contestants who had to spin in a circle 10 times, chug an entire carton of eggnog, then spin ten more times to be finished. The first place winner was Alexa Gordon, with Ben MacDonald a close second. As contestants walked off the stage, complaints of ‘My head hurts!’ or ‘That was cold!’ could be heard all over the cafeteria.

On December 11 and 12, Santa Claus was found strolling the halls taking pictures with students, as they gladly donated to a good cause. Santa eventually sat down in front of the Christmas tree in the foyer on his chair and agreed to let students take even more pictures with him there. Unfortunately Santa, being elderly, did have to take extra time to get home and ended up skipping third period class.

The Awesome Challenge continues, as Mr. Zegil’s Grade 11 science class went from door to door, singing a fusion of Star Wars and Christmas carols with out of tune screaming and heckling. They would agree to torment a different class if given a donation. After being rewarded they said thank you and walked to the next room quietly. On the same note, Ms. Ferguson’s Grade 9 English class held a rummage sale to fundraise to keep up with the challenge.

On December 15 and 16, the MSS junior and senior bands and vocal group loaded their instruments and music stands onto to two buses to tour the Island’s public schools. They performed Christmas songs and classics. The juniors showcased the songs ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘All Aboard.’ The seniors showcased a Disney favourite ‘Let it Go.’ Vocal group sang their favourite songs, including Zumba Zumba. The bands spread cheer all across Manitoulin Island.

SHARE is collecting mitts, hats, scarves and socks for people on Manitoulin who need them. Donations can be brought to G3 by December 19. If you have any extra gloves or socks that you never use, someone else can use them. Keep up the great Christmas spirit Mustangs! ‘Till next week, stay golden!