Dentist’s stand is a matter of principle

To the Expositor:

Re: Dr. Bill Studzienny’s stand regarding IWTs on Manitoulin Island (‘Island dentist chooses against treating First Nations and municipal councillors voting for wind turbines, May 8, page 1).

Some may disagree with Dr. Studzienny’s decision to withdraw services to council leaders; however, it is a principalled stand, whether or not others believe it is the right decision.

Concerning attitudes on this issue, there may be worse; for example, those who say, ‘I don’t care about this issue, because I really don’t care about the short and long term environmental and social impact on Manitoulin;’ or ‘I don’t care, just as long as they are not too close to where I live;’ or ‘I don’t care because the government’s policy must be right (just as it was on gas plant relocations, ORNGE, e-billing etc.—each one also costing taxpayers how much?);’ or ‘I don’t care because I’m really too busy to do any research into this matter on my own;’ or ‘I don’t care because I don’t plan to stay here forever anyway; let the next generations take care of themselves;’ or ‘I don’t care because I would be afraid to express a politically incorrect opinion.’

In short, just not caring may be worse than caring.

Paul Best
Gore Bay