Destruction of the Old School should be photographed with council

To the Expositor:

Democracy, as I understand it, is taking the majority of its voting citizens, in this case, Central Manitoulin, and acting on their demands for the good of the wards they represent. As Pat Costigan quotes, “if we don’t care about our past, we cannot hope for the future.” When you have over 1,000 citizens petitioning to keep the beautiful strong 100-year-old consolidated school open, don’t pull a Trump trick and do as you please. If you decide to use the wrecking ball, before you do I want to take a photo of this council in front of this beautiful school and you will go down in our history as the council that destroyed a very large part of the Central Manitoulin history.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay

PS: What tourist would come to and visit the Island to see a parking lot?