Don’t think you are special if you are a racist

To the Expositor:

Racism has been making headlines. One thing I can say about racism is that if you’re a racist then you are not somebody who is special. You’re probably just a loser who is trying to feel good about themselves because racism is just a sickness that people have believing that they are special, more special than others. Well when it comes to God you’re probably lower than the others that you are putting down. That’s what racism is, putting down others or looking down on them just because their skin might be a different colour. But, the colour of our blood is still the same—red—that is one thing you cannot change.

Being racist is just putting yourself down too. You are just hurting yourself and the people you are putting down are probably getting more blessings from God then you are getting because that’s how God works. God will be more supportive towards somebody who is being persecuted by somebody or people who are being wrong towards others.

Ronald Osawabine