Easter bunny makes special Gore Bay visit

The Easter Bunny and his assistant visited children of all ages in Gore Bay last Saturday. The Easter Bunny provided treat bags for the children, while following the proper physical distancing protocols.

GORE BAY – The Easter Bunny took time out of his very busy schedule this past weekend to visit the Town of Gore Bay.

With Easter music playing and treat bags being given out to children through the streets of Gore Bay by the famed bunny and his assistant, “we had a really good reception,” the Easter Bunny told the Recorder on Sunday. “We saw a lot of people and enjoyed seeing them, especially the children.” 

“We gave away almost 50 treat bags,” the Easter Bunny told the Recorder, pointing out he and his assistant made sure everyone followed the proper physical distancing protocols.  

“I had planned this visit three or four weeks ago, but it was only after the Premier of Ontario announced that the Easter Bunny was an essential service that we knew we were in business,” continued the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny and his assistant, who used an ATV to drive the cart the Easter Bunny rode on, hit the largest residential areas  in town to give out the treat bags and wish everyone a happy Easter. 

Several volunteers helped out and several people made donations for the treat bags, added the Easter Bunny.