The Elmira Case highlights the benefits of restorative justice

A way of dealing with crime that is not just the slap of a fine

To the Expositor:

I read with shock and sadness about the recent crime spree that occurred in Little Current by Island youth. I will simply say if you want to see anything good come of this you should Google The Elmira Case. It is a story about the implementation of Restorative Justice by a forward-thinking judge, an inspiring probation officer and two youth who took responsibility for their actions back in 1974.

This case has had far reaching impacts on the Canadian justice system and abroad. The youth made sincere restitution to the affected parties and were not just slapped with a monetary fine. The Elmira Case has been made into a documentary 41 years later as it interviews one of the youth “all grown up” and the ramifications of his actions. I believe if this kind of justice was put forth in many more instances we would see a significant change in our communities. 

Robin Omnet