Every Ontario community to benefit from federal gas tax fund transfer

OTTAWA—Modern and up-to-date community infrastructure helps connect people to jobs and provides access to better community services, attracts new businesses and creates economic growth.

“Through the federal gas tax fund, communities across Ontario and the rest of Canada can direct federal funding to the infrastructure projects that address the most pressing needs of local residents and businesses, from improving drinking water to building new recreational facilities. The government of Canada is proud to deliver this predictable, long-term funding to help ensure access to good middle class jobs, increased mobility, greater economic opportunities, sustainable communities and a high quality of life for all Canadians,” said Amerjeet Sohi, minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

In July, the government of Canada delivered the first of two annual $391 million federal gas tax fund (GTF) installments to Ontario. In total, Ontario’s municipal governments will be provided with over $782.1 million this year through the fund. The funding, which flows through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (with the exception of the Toronto allocation that flows directly to the City), is available to support community infrastructure projects.

GTF funding supports hundreds of local infrastructure projects across Ontario each year. A portion of the annual provincial allocation is also used by the province to maintain rural roads in Northern Ontario on behalf of local roads boards.

On Manitoulin Island, the township of Assiginack will receive $58,374; Billings $30,768; Central Manitoulin $119,059; Township of Dawson $34,234; Gordon/Barrie Island $31,984; Gore Bay $51,685; Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands $164,542; Robinson $20,260; and Tehkummah $24,687. 

Some examples of the projects being funded this year include transit fleet replacement and state of good repair, upgrades to recreational facilities, road reconstruction, roads and bridges, among other projects. The Province of Ontario will use a portion of the annual allocation to maintain rural access roads in unincorporated areas of Northern Ontario. 

The two gas tax fund installments for this year are in addition to funds flowing to Ontario under the Investing in Canada Plan.

Bill Mauro, Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs said, “the gas tax fund benefits Ontario municipalities by allowing local communities to decide where and how to invest resources for their most pressing needs. Constructing and improving infrastructure across the province will create jobs, enhance municipal services, and help commuters get to and from work faster-allowing them to spend more time with their families.”

“The federal gas tax fund is a stable source of funding that helps municipal governments maintain, rehabilitate and build the vital local infrastructure that we all rely on, including everything from roads and bridges to wastewater systems to community recreation centres,” said Lynn Dollin, president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). “Investing in local infrastructure plays a major role in growing Canada’s economy, protecting the environment and building strong cities and communities. AMO will administer almost $620 million from the fund in 2017 alone.”