Everyone will face the Creator on judgement day

What is going on in the world today is just a bubble waiting to burst open

To the Expositor:

I’m always watching what’s happening in our world and people’s beliefs. As for me and being Aboriginal, I do believe there is a spiritual world after we pass on from this physical world. It is in my nature to believe in this as a native person. As for the spiritual world, we just go there temporarily until judgement day; on this day, nobody will escape our Creator’s judgement, not even those past civilizations that came before us will face God’s judgement. Myself, I can just imagine our Creator having this enormous power that he can do because whatever we do on this world today will come back to haunt us when we face God’s judgement. That is will be part of our judgement from God and I think people never really think about this either.

As for me, I’m always thinking about the Creator even while I’m doing chores around my home. I believe he is my helper and supporter since I do not have anybody else in this world and believing this keeps me going strong and what I see happening today in our world is not a good sign either. It’s like the bubble is just waiting to burst open. Think about it, people.

Donald Osawabine