Evidence of community spread of COVID-19 in one of three newly reported confirmed cases

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is reporting three new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residents in our service area (Greater Sudbury, Sudbury District, and Manitoulin District). Two individuals have either close contact with a case or international travel history. A third individual has no known contact with a case or any travel history and the situation indicates community spread of COVID-19.

“People have been following safety precautions with the assumption that COVID-19 has been spreading locally, meaning that they distance themselves from others to avoid spreading the virus because we assume anyone could be infected,” said Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, Public Health Sudbury & Districts Medical Officer of Health. “Today’s news of an individual with COVID-19 with no travel or exposure history is evidence that we have been doing the right thing by taking these precautions. The indication of community spread reinforces the critical sacrifices we have all been making, such as staying home as much as possible and isolating ourselves when directed,” said Dr. Sutcliffe.

Everyone is asked to continue to take their role in this pandemic seriously. Each of our actions count in flattening the curve: stay home, maintain physical distance of two metres when you have to go out, practise meticulous handwashing and respiratory hygiene, and follow any direction specific to your situation.

Public Health continues to conduct intensive contact tracing for all COVID-19 cases and close contacts. Under provincial legislation, medical officers of health in Ontario are authorized to issue Orders to control communicable diseases. Such orders can include, for example, requiring an individual to be isolated, quarantined, or to submit to an examination by a physician.

If individuals are not following Public Health direction and if Dr. Sutcliffe is of the opinion that this non-compliance poses a risk to public health, an Order may be required under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) to protect the public. To date, no such orders have been required in the Sudbury & Manitoulin districts related to COVID-19.

Details of confirmed case(s)

Case numberAgeGenderExposure categoryStatusTested (dd/mm/yy)Area
Case #1350sFemaleClose contact (updated)Hospitalized29/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #1450sMaleUnknownHospitalized30/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #15<19Not specifiedClose contactSelf-isolating30/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #1660sMaleInternational travelSelf-isolating27/03/2020Sudbury District

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Details of affected flights and cruise ship:

  • Not applicable

Public Health also updated its online reporting today to indicate that one patient who previously tested positive is now considered “resolved” according to current public health criteria. In addition, the exposure category for case #13 is confirmed as “close contact”.

Updates about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) for Greater Sudbury, the District of Sudbury, and the District of Manitoulin are posted online as new developments arise.

Key steps for physical distancing:

  • Stay home unless it is absolutely essential to go out, for example, to get groceries, medicines, medical attention, or to get some exercise close to home.
  • If you must go out, stay at least six (6) feet away from other people.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands, cough or sneeze into your sleeve, and stay home if you suspect you are ill.
  • Eliminate visits with friends and non-immediate family: connect with friends virtually instead.
  • Avoid crowds and places where people may be close together.
  • Work from home when possible.
  • Call neighbours and those in need to check in on them and to offer help and companionship.

ACT at the first sign(s) of COVID-19 symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms can be mild to severe. They can include (one or all):

  • fever
  • cough
  • difficulty breathing (shortness of breath)

IMPORTANT: If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, follow these steps:

Step 1: Isolate yourself right away. Learn how to self-isolate at www.phsd.ca/health-topics-programs/diseases-infections/coronavirus#isolate.

Step 2: If you are having difficulty breathing or are experiencing other severe symptoms, call 911.

Step 3: Find out if you should seek medical attention. Use the online self-assessment tool at www.phsd.ca/health-topics-programs/diseases-infections/coronavirus#suspect  or call your health care provider, a local COVID-19 assessment centre, or Telehealth Ontario at 1.866.797.0000 (TTY 1.866.797.0007).

Step 4: For general information about COVID-19, call Public Health Sudbury & Districts at 705.522.9200 (toll-free 1.866.522.9200) or visit www.phsd.ca/COVID-19.

Visit Ontario’s website to learn more about the province’s response to COVID-19.