Expecting the people of Assiginack to pay for conflict not fair

There is still time for a Christmas present of an out of court settlement

To the Expositor:

Good morning Assiginack, 

So it’s been a few times I’ve been published in The Expositor and I’m grateful for the dialogue with the public. It’s one of my first ventures into this type of work, and I’m hoping I’m affecting the greater good as this has been my intention for quite some time now. One person this week says to me: ‘I read your s#%! disturbing again this week.’ There was also a statement made beside my letter that stated something to the effect of, “The friends of the Norisle have been advised by their legal team not to comment on the case.” 

So I reflect. I refine. I’m a doer, so I don’t always reflect until after the action is done. I’m not too proud to admit, I may have been going about it in not as positive a way as my intentions.

I have no interest in s#%! disturbing unless it produces the results that benefit the greater good. I have interest in persuading all parties to settle out of court, so we can all move on in a win-win-win situation. (The parties being the township office, Friends of the Norisle, and the greater good, the good people of Assiginack.) I have no interest in the fear tactics that lawyers use to get money; again, they are doing well, I’m sure, and if they aren’t, we the people should be asking them to do good work.

There is an old hunk of metal at the docks in Manitowaning. If any of us can benefit from the removal or use of that old hunk of metal, then let’s do it peacefully.  Expecting the people of Assiginack to pay for a violent conflict is not ok; no thank you.

I took an organization in Sudbury to court one time many years ago. At the pre-trial, the judge said, ‘You received a nice sum of money to be terminated from that workplace. Even if you are correct in that organization treated you unfairly (which in my humble opinion they did and to many other people in the few years I worked there), there is a very slim chance you will receive more money.’ I didn’t want the money. I wanted myself and other people to be treated fairly and with respect.

Let’s be clear, Assiginack. This should be our priority; we want to be treated fairly and with respect. Conflict is an opportunity for all parties to grow, and there is always a choice to compromise (a little bit of losing and winning for both parties) or even better collaborate so that it’s win-win.

There is still time to settle out of court.

I know all parties are reading.

Let’s get this done. Please let me know if I can be of service.

Wishing us all well in any conflict that we have, whether it’s in our workplaces, our homes or our community.

It would be a sweet Christmas present for all parties involved to read in the next few weeks the dispute is settled out of court don’t ya think? 

Howie Mende