Expositor launches first Easter Egg Hunt this week

MANITOULIN—In the spirit of spring (which officially begins Wednesday) and Easter (Good Friday is next Friday, March 29 and Easter Sunday is March 31) The Expositor plans its first big Easter Egg Hunt with eggs hidden in the pages of next week’s (March 27) paper.

In the spirit of the season, numbered eggs will be hidden in ads throughout the paper next week.

Your job (and there will be prizes) is to search through the paper, check out the ads (large and small and the classifieds and real estate pages too, just to give you a hint) to find the hidden eggs, each of which will bear a number.

There will be a tally form in next week’s paper where there will be columns where you can match the eggs’ numbers with the names of the advertisers where you successfully hunt down each egg, (or at least all that you can find!). When you fill in the line that shows a product or service each individual business is highlighting in their ad, you’ll receive an additional point.

The turnaround time is fast: we need the forms returned to the Expositor office by Monday, April 1 and you can bring them in, fax them to us at 705-368-3822 or email an online form to expositor@manitoulin.ca. The form will be posted at www.manitoulin.ca.

There’s a colourful display ad in this week’s paper that also explains the routine. You can see it on Page 14.

There will be three winners and each one will receive a newly-designed (very sharp) Expositor T-shirt and a giant chocolate Easter bunny. The winners will be drawn from among those who find all (or at least the majority of) the eggs, identify the businesses and make note of the business’ product or service.

Happy Easter!

(Island businesses who we may not have contacted but who may wish to participate in this fun, discounted event can still be included by calling Greg Lloyd at The Expositor Office by noon this Friday at 705-368-2744 or emailing him at sales@manitoulin.ca).