Family Coalition Party selects riding candidate

by Alicia McCutcheon

ALGOMA-MANITOULIN—Voters in Algoma-Manitoulin will have another choice in this October’s provincial election with David Hoffman of the Family Coalition Party (FCP) throwing his hat in the ring.

Mr. Hoffman, a 56-year-old father of seven from Hornepayne, said this is his first foray into politics, but had run into FCP leader Phil Lees “by coincidence” and was persuaded to run. “I feel like I’m heading into a firestorm,” he chuckled.

“The strength of the family is the very lifeblood of the community,” he explained.

Mr. Hoffman noted that a quick look at Ontario families shows the breakdown of the “traditional family.”

“We’re starting to feel it in our social behaviours—increased crime, drug use, the breakdown of traditional marriage,” he continued.

“Currently, four out of 10 families grew up in a home with a natural father and mother,” Mr. Hoffman said. “This wasn’t always the case in Ontario and we should be doing our best to restore that.”

The FCP candidate noted that his party was founded as a pro-life movement to counteract “the prevailing winds of society in protecting the lives of the unborn.”

Mr. Hoffman said the party realized it needed to be more than that and so began a campaign that infuses a pro-life, pro-family, stance in energy and education.

“So how does one do this?” he asked. “Parents need to have a greater voice in the curriculum. There should also be a conscience clause for those who work in the healthcare field (that would allow them to opt out of procedures that went against their conscience). There needs to be respect for life from conception to natural death. When you attack life at one end, what’s going to stop (the government) from attacking life at the other end? Talk of euthanasia is popping up more and more.”

Mr. Hoffman also chastised the current Liberal government for “wasted tax dollars and feed-in tariffs that are costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.”

“We need a more accountable program of tax dollar usage,” Mr. Hoffman said.