Farm Facts and Furrows

On September 1 a new website for Northern Ontario agriculture went online. is a site that provides links to agriculture and rural information for each of the 10 Northern districts. The site was developed by the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance in cooperation with OMAFRA and local district farm related organizations.

Whether you are searching for local information or wish to share with others the opportunities in your district explore and share the link with your contacts.

ServiceOntario products

The following new or revised products now available from ServiceOntario Publications at Food Safety and Traceability Resource Handbook – Protecting Ontario’s Food Chain; 015-005 / 15-006 Managing Risk of Farms Open to the Public; 015-009 / 15-010 Positive Pressure Air Tube Ventilation for Calf Housing.

GF2 Program updates for producers

Did you know? All GF2 funding opportunities will be assessed based on merit-based application evaluation criteria. All project categories have different criteria, including completion of a Growing Your Farm Profits Workshop and Action Plan Review within the last five years for some, completion of a third or fourth edition Environmental Farm Plan Workshop and Action Plan Review within the last five years for others, etc. (see program guide for details). Cost-share caps per project have been introduced for each eligible project category. To be eligible, cost-share funding will only apply to invoices dated after a letter approving a funding allocation has been issued by OSCIA. To view the program guide, go to To attend courses, go to or contact for more information or if there are no courses scheduled for your area