Federal transfers for health fall short for First Nations

Chief and council should invest casino dollars into local services

To the Expositor:

Whenever the Federal government announces the amount of health care dollars that the First Nations people will be getting, it’s never enough. We are always facing cutbacks on the services that we depend on, why is that? Maybe the funding includes payroll too for the health care employees. If it is that, it’s wrong.

The payroll for employees should be different funding that would be Health Canada’s responsibility or the Minister of Health. Also these damn bureaucrats are always stalling or holding back on the funding. They are always looking for ways of cutting back on the funding or to short change us. These two levels of government are just failing the citizens of this country. In order for them to take action something really bad has to happen first before they wake up from their mistakes. Just like what happened in Attawapiskat, after this incident, it certainly was a wake up call for these governments. They never listen to anybody, and it’s because of the almighty dollar, it’s too powerful to listen.

Even in my own community that Amikook services is having problems with their money and I was thinking about this casino dollars that comes in every year. The chief and council should help out Amikook services and invest the casino dollars into this service; they should be helping out the seniors who depend on this service.

Ronald Osawabine