Follow the clues and discover Burpee Mills in this weekend’s Road Rally with BBQ and dance

by Isobel Harry

BURPEE MILLS— After a five-year hiatus, the Burpee Mills Road Rally is gearing up for another edition of its popular community day out on the byways of this westerly township.

The rally takes place on Saturday, July 18 and begins at 1 pm at the Burpee Mills Community Centre on Bailey Line Road, Evansville. Admission is free and is open to everyone, community members and visitors alike. The rec committee asks that you let them know you’re planning to come by giving them a call.

The Burpee Mills recreation committee conceived of the rally “as a way of giving back to the community,” says one of the organizers, Janis Hutchinson. Forty volunteers are involved in the planning and staffing of the event.

Pull up to the community centre and you will be given the rules and a set of clues that will lead you on a merry chase to find the 12 ‘stations’ hidden in the township, from historical homes and buildings to businesses and other landmarks. Once at a station, volunteers will give contestants an activity to complete while there before moving on to the next station.

To participate, all you need is a car and a keen sense of fun. People are encouraged to decorate their vehicles and their personal outfits. Previous experience treasure-hunting is a plus, but not mandatory.

“As many people can participate as there are seatbelts in your car,” says Ms Hutchinson. Bring your kids or be a kid for a day as you scour the back roads, all eyes on the prize. What a great way to discover this lovely township and its history, and the kids won’t even know they’re learning as they’ll be enjoying themselves too much to notice!

Stalking clues is a hunger-inducing pursuit, and the organizers have got you covered. At 6 pm there will be a barebecue porketta supper, and it’s all you can eat for only $20. Tickets for supper must be reserved in advance by calling ahead.

The day rolls into evening when a licenced dance begins outdoors at 9 pm to the sounds of the Jeff Wiseman Band. Should rain be in the forecast, the dance will move indoors. For a worry-free evening, there will be designated drivers on hand. Tickets are $10 at the door.

For more information, to register your rally team and reserve your supper tickets, call Janis or Ken at 705-282-8810; Julie or Barrett at 705-282-8430.