The Friends of the Norisle should be unquestionably supported

Council should resign en masse and call an election

To the Expositor:

Recent weeks have seen some unusual activity noted in “Letters to Editor” from Manitowaning, specifically, regarding the moored vessel Norisle situation. An individual has offered his “services” to mediate, arbitrate, conciliate, whatever. The complexities of liability must be left to professionals. Could that liability rest on the hopes and aspirations of the “Friends of the Norisle” their desires to make good on their genuine intentions? Could liability be held against Assiginack Township council?

Any lay person does not have to use much imagination to consider the options of either side. Shall Friends of the Norisle achieve an award meant to eventually provide for an exciting, obviously profitable tourism enterprise for this suffering community? I know of these dedicated citizens, we should unquestionably support their efforts, without any doubt in their intentions to renovations/refits, providing future tourism and local commerce to Manitowaning.

Council has erred, acted in bad faith, and should resign, call an election, the most honourable thing to do. Restore the Island’s confidence in the necessary position(s) of champions of decency, integrity, honesty, motivation to progress and future commerce advancement.

I am not from this Island of Manitoulin, but love Manitowaning nevertheless.

Assiginack council has driven away far too many active commerce providing businesses. They have shown their destructive beliefs, philosophies by refusing support to too much existing or new commerce. Farming cannot sustain this area.

Your water plant upgrades mean nothing if no one is left here that just might require water.

Check your math Assiginack council. Continue on your campaign of tax base erosion and face justifying future self–imposed restructuring involving higher positions and wage increases.

It has been prolifically suggested that now in 2017, Manitowaning is 22 to 25 years behind in progressive thinking and related action(s). In 2018, that shall become 23 to 26 years and 2019 shall go down in history as Manitowaning stalled out at 24 to 27 years behind, to be continued into perpetuity? Is that the legacy present council wishes to “move forward” with?

To the recent writer: shame on you for soliciting your business through this venue. Manitoulin and especially Manitowaning citizens are not fooled by your questionable writings of supposed good intentions. One would think research into history of the matter would preclude an offer of intervention as you propose so boldly in “Letters to Editor.” Who the heck ever offers service, the next paragraph, asks for any information regarding the same matter? Metaphorically speaking, you are the same as an ambulance chasing lawyer pursuing a car accident that has already been serviced by a business seeking, cruising around tow truck!

Mike White