Gayle Payette to take on role of principal for Lakeview School

M’CHIGEENG—Gayle Payette has been selected to take on the role of principal of Lakeview School in M’Chigeeng First Nation.
“It’s all about the students, helping to develop their voice, identity and self-confidence for their benefit,” said Ms. Payette. She previously served as principal at Lakeview for two years, beginning in 2017, then went back to the classroom as a teacher at Wiikwemkoong Junior School where she was in her third year of teaching.

M’Chigeeng Ogimaa Kwe Linda Debassige and Enaagdenjged Art Jacko made the announcement on a community post on the M’Chigeeng Facebook page on November 11. “On behalf of the council of M’Chigeeng, it is with great excitement that we welcome the successful candidate for the position of Lakeview School principal, Ms. Gayle Payette!” “Ms. Payette is a band member of M’Chigeeng First Nation and firmly believes in the future and success of M’Chigeeng First Nation students attending Lakeview School. Ms. Payette has had a longstanding career in education and comes with vast experience, knowledge and qualifications that she has gained and achieved over time. She has a Bachelor of Education, and Honours Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work and has successfully completed Parts 1 and 2 of the First Nations Principal Program from Six Nations Polytechnic Institute, along with many other additional qualifications. Her work experience includes being a long-standing teacher with over ten years of experience, as a principal and curriculum writer and she has created longstanding relationships with her non-educational experience and volunteerism.

Ms. Payette has always put the children first and has a deep love and care for their future,” Ogimaa Kwe Debassige wrote. “Ms. Payette believes that our system can be a unique experience for our children where they can develop and understand their personal identity, develop and utilize personal voice, develop self-confidence and pride, all while developing educational skills that will enhance their learning for success,” continued Ogimaa Kwe Debassige. “Ms. Payette is committed to leading the Lakeview School team while prioritizing student success and well being, Anishinaabe language and culture and fostering a positive environment for all children and staff,” continued Ogimaa Kwe Debassige. “We positively look forward to working with Ms. Payette commencing November 28, are confident in her abilities and we certainly know that the children and families that Ms. Payette has previously taught will also welcome her return.”

“I am looking forward to being principal, getting back into the community and I want to create a positive change,” Ms. Payette told The Expositor. “I am going back with prior experience at Lakeview and a positive rapport with students and staff and want to help move the school in a positive direction.” Ms. Payette added, “I am very grateful to have expanded my professional services with the Wiikwemkoong Board of Education and will always treasure the memories that have been made with the students.”