Giant Rabbits top CBC Searchlight UPNORTH contest

Manitoulin’s Dillion Abotossaway, Jared Nardi and Tomas Anderson make up alt-rock trio Griant Rabbits, which nabbed a CBC Searchlight contest earlier this summer.

LITTLE CURRENT— Dillon Abotossaway,  Jared Nardi and Tomas Anderson are the Giant Rabbits and they…alt rock? In fact, they alt rock so well they captured the CBC Searchlight UPNORTH category earlier this summer.

“We saw the contest and just signed up online,” said Mr. Abotossaway. “We didn’t expect that much to come of it.”

The innovative Giant Rabbits are not easily pigeon-holed into a category, admitted the musician. “We do a little rap, but it is mostly alt-rock with some hip hop,” he said.

The Expositor interviewed the band members during a lull in the busy dinner hour at Little Current’s The Port takeout across from The Beer Store on Highway 6. The band members are working at the popular new take-out formerly known as Griffins.

“We aren’t really doing too much in the way of performing right now,” admitted Mr. Abotossaway, gesturing toward the doorway to their day job. “It’s kinda busy.”

But the band is working on a new CD to be released later this summer or early fall, and the calls are coming in. “Winning the contest really came with some benefits,” smiled Mr. Abotossaway, as the group will be recording their original songs in two studios during their spare moments, but getting onstage is a little problematic. “We are planning to do a fall tour,” said the musician.

“During this year’s CBC Searchlight contest, we also ran our own little contest for the UPNORTH category only based on originality,” noted contest organizers Highway 11 Records. “During the Easter weekend we listened to 105 contestants from the area, of many genres. Selections were determined by a panel of seven. Not an easy feat whatsoever.”

“It was pretty amazing to manage to come out on top with more than a hundred of other really great bands competing,” said Mr. Abotossaway.

The prize package was developed to include a few things that might help an artist/band on the road and to continue on their musical journey with tools to make it easier. Musicians Atlas sponsored an annual subscription to their PRO database (a value $349), and Highway 11 Records have included a gas card and a three-month subscription to Jambox.