Gordon/Barrie Island coyote/wolf predator program now in place

GORDON-BARRIE ISLAND—Gordon/Barrie Island township has now created a program to compensate trappers who legally take a coyote/wolf in the community.

“We’ll see how it goes, and people can now start to bring in coyote kills (and the municipality will provide a compensation payment),” said Lee Hayden, reeve of Gordon/Barrie Island at a council meeting last week.

Municipal clerk Carrie Lewis told council that for the “coyote/wolf predation control” program, $50 is being provided for those legally taking a coyote/wolf carcass, and a total of $2,000 has been put into a fund toward the compensation program. “We’re compensating the trapper for taking and bringing in a coyote/wolf,” said Ms. Lewis.

The compensation provided, “has nothing to do with a livestock owner,” said Councillor Bill Baker. He also noted that the coyotes/wolves taken would need to be taken within Gordon/Barrie Island. “For instance, if someone traps a coyote on the North Channel we wouldn’t be providing compensation.”

“The program is for anyone that can get rid of a coyote/wolf in our municipality,” said Reeve Hayden, who noted that trappers bringing in a coyote/wolf will have to slit the tongue of the animal (so not to spoil that animals fur) in front of Ms. Lewis or a township office designate.

It was agreed by council that the predator control program is not limited to township residents trapping coyotes/wolves, but the person will have to provide the lot and concession numbers, if possible, of where they trapped the animals in the municipality.