Gore Bay financial officer Pam Bond feted at retirement party

Happy retirement! Pam Bond, right, is presented with a gift by Gore Bay town clerk Annette Clarke. A retirement party was held for Ms. Bond, who worked for the town for 33 years, on Friday of last week.

Receives many accolades for her work over 33 years with Town of Gore Bay

GORE BAY—Pam Bond, who has retired from the position of senior financial officer of the town of Gore Bay, received many accolades for the work she has done for the town over the past 33 years, at a retirement party held in her honour last week.

“On behalf of former councils and the current council and all supporting board and committees Pam has worked with, a big thank you from every citizen in Gore Bay for the dedication, commitment and work you have done for the town,” stated Councillor Jack Clark last Friday.

“I would like to welcome everyone here today, we have a good crowd here,” said town clerk Annette Clarke. “It took a lot of convincing Pam to do this. She doesn’t like a lot of attention but we managed to convince her to let us do a little something for her today.”

“We are all here to bid farewell to Pam on her retirement,” said Ms. Clarke. “Pam has been with the town for 33 years full-time and two years before that as a student. I started in June 1983 and Pam started with the town in May 1985. The 33 years have flown by real quick.”

“Pam and I started in different roles with the town, I started as treasurer and Pam was secretary and then we switched that around from there. These girls (now working in the town office) have it so good; I can remember we had to handwrite tax bills. Gore Bay was the first municipality to get computers, and today the office staff has automated computers, etc. A lot of changes have taken place over the years.”

“We have had so many councils come and go over the years, but not many Mayors over our time,” continued Ms. Clarke. “There was Larry Lane, bless his heart, he was mayor for a long time. He treated us like daughters, and we still miss him. Ruby (Croft) too treated us excellent as has Ron (Lane).”

“Joyce (Foster) was Mayor for several years and CAO for all the years when we first started,” said Ms. Clarke. “As mayor she did a great job. We learned a lot from Joyce and those skills were put to the test over the years. And there was so much to learn in the next 18 years that came to pass. Joyce taught us pretty much all we had to know.”

“Through all these years Pam and I have been the constant the whole time,” stated Ms. Clarke. “A lot of staff members and co-workers have come and gone. On a personal level we went through kids being born and the ups and downs of life and work.”

”We have always supported each other. You have always been there for me,” said Ms. Clarke. “Pam is a very kind hearted, generous person and you are always the one I can count on and call. Pam has always been a hard worker, always putting in as many hours as it takes to get the job done, working at town events, going above and beyond whenever it was needed, whether that meant delivering water bottles to residents or shop-vacing the basement during a flood over Christmas she was always the one I could count on to be there when I needed her.”

“Pam deserves way more credit on how the town has evolved over the years than she has been given credit for,” said Ms. Clarke. “You should be very proud of all your accomplishments. Enjoy the next chapter of your life. I know I’m going to miss you,” she said, thanking Nicole Weppler and her assistants for organizing the reception held at the Harbour Centre.

“First off I would like to thank Annette and her staff for setting everything up today,” said Mr. Clark. “Things like this are never easy to organize. Special thanks to Nicole (Weppler) for having this in the Harbour Centre as well as the food and decorations. Mayor Lane sends his regrets on not being able to be here today. But on his behalf and council and the boards and committee’s Pam has worked with, thank you.”

“I would like to congratulate Pam,” said Ms. Foster. “Pam started with me and the town office in 1983, after having spent two summers here (as a student). After the first summer I asked her if she learned anything and she said, ‘more than I would have learned in school.’ So I figured we better get her back the next summer.”

“In good old days if changes had to be made for funding applications Pam would have to retype them,” noted Ms. Foster. “I always tried to get as much in the applications as I could and not make any changes. I know Pam really enjoyed retyping funding applications,” quipped Ms. Foster. “There were ups and downs but a lot of fun and laughter.“

“It was great working with you, Pam, and I wish you the best in your next go-around,” continued Ms. Foster. “Congratulations and best wishes.”
Ruby Croft said, “Pam was always a pleasure to work with. She has always been hard working and dedicated, going over and above what was expected. “When budget time came or audits were being done the light in her office would burning at 11 or 12 at night. But she never complained.”

“Pam, you should be very proud of everything you have accomplished for the town,” said Ms. Croft.

“I want to thank Pam as being secretary-treasurer of the Millsite Apartments. You have done a wonderful job, and I’m happy you are continuing on with the board,” said Marg Hague.

Ms. Bond said, “I would just like to say thank you to everyone for coming out, and all of your kind words. It has been great. But I’m not going far, I will be as close as the phone. Thanks very much.”