Gore Bay Rotary Club donates toward food security on Manitoulin Island

Keith McKeen, centre, president of the Rotary Club of Gore Bay presents a cheque for $7,000 on behalf of the club to Manitoulin Family Resources representatives Marnie Hall, left, and Nikki Thompson.

GORE BAY—The Rotary Club of Gore Bay has made a significant financial contribution toward making sure there is food security in place on the Island. “Our annual Bay to Bay bicycle rally (held in August) was the generator of all of these funds,” said Keith McKeen, president of the Rotary Club, in making a donation of $7,000 on behalf of the Rotary Club to Marnie Hall, executive director of Manitoulin Family Resources (MFR) and Nikki Thompson, MFR’s food security program supervisor, last week. A second donation, also in the amount of $7,000 was made to representatives of the Lyons Memorial United Church Food Cupboard, last week. Rotarian “Dave Rogalsky was the lead on the bike rally this year,” said Mr. McKeen. “Making the donation of funds to MFR and the Lyon’s Memorial United Church Food Cupboard means they will benefit the majority of people on the Island.”  “We had corporate sponsorship from several businesses on the Island toward the rally,” said Mr. McKeen. “And with the riders themselves paying their fee for participating… all of this added up so that we could help both groups.”