Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character

To the Expositor:

With the pandemic having gone on for over a year, people have been listening to news and others saying how much mental stress people are under. Sometimes when you are told over and over again that you are under stress you start to believe it. Take a moment and really consider how you are, not what others tell you about how you really feel. We have been blessed to have been, so far, mildly impacted by the pandemic here on Manitoulin Island (and thank you to all who are following the health guidelines, wear a mask, social distancing, washing hands, limiting travel and following quarantine rules when needed). The weather is getting better and we can get out for a walk, we have groceries on the shelves of our stores, we have businesses providing supplies curbside, the hospital and medical staff are fabulous and many of us have had our vaccine. If you really think about it, you are probably not nearly as stressed as people might be telling you. Look at the beautiful day, the great place we live in, what you have, and realize we are truly blessed, pandemic or not. 

A quote from a friend of mine, Angela Becks: “Having grown up on Manitoulin Island, I know people to be resilient, to be strong, and to be brave. If ‘having grit’ is considered to be the same, I honour that. Good people just trying to do the best they can.”

Barb Baker

Little Current

Editor’s Note: Please see the first installment of ‘We’ve Got Grit’ on Page 33.