Highway 65 corridor group wants cycle lanes too

To the Expositor:

While I am pleased that the Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates are so enamoured with the Liberal government, I cannot give this party a similar endorsement. As a member of the Highway 65 Coalition that recently lobbied Minister Glen Murray to include a metre-wide paved shoulder on Highway 65 west from New Liskeard to Kenabeek, we were disappointed that the new paving being installed along that busy roadway will not have a meter wide paved shoulder.

We live in the same province it seems and we also have many cycling advocates and have several communities offering a unique tourist experience. Why the disparity? Why was our request for a metre-wide paved shoulder turned down and virtually ignored by Minister Murray? A responsible, fair government provides safe roadways for all sections of the province, not just select areas.

As for the premier, she just passed through our region on a secret mission where few people, Joe and Jane Public barely knew of her visit. Perhaps she wanted to avoid the Ontario Northland protestors. Who knows. From our humble point of view, we cannot offer such a glowing tribute to the Liberal party.

In all fairness to those who choose active transportation no matter where they live, there should not be one kilometre of newly paved roadways laid down in this province without a metre-wide paved shoulder.

Thank you,
Sue Nielsen
Highway 65 West Coalition member