Howard Wilkinson recalled by radio pal

To the Expositor:

A special thank you to a very special person who made our visit to him and your beautiful island the holiday of a lifetime, with wonderful memories we will treasure for ever.

Some people just can’t help making a difference in our lives by simply being who they are, and Howard, you were one of those people. The three weeks we spent with you on Manitoulin was made all the more special by your company. God Bless and sleep tight, Howard, you will always be in our thoughts.

A special message from Sue: To my very special (adopted) Uncle Howard, thank you for all the great memories you gave me, and the fun we had together, you will always be remembered fondly. Goodnight and God Bless, Uncle Howard, Love Sue.

Kathleen Perry
Rochester, Kent, England

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was written in honour of the late Howard Wilkinson of Little Current who passed away on Thursday, September 12, 2013.