Hydro comparison speaks volumes about energy costs in Ontario

The result speaks for itself

To the Expositor:

I recently received a hydro bill for a property owned in Quebec. Just for fun, I inserted the kilowatts used on that bill into my “hydro calculator”–a spreadsheet I created to capture the eight or so equations required to calculate Ontario’s various hydro charges. Since we seem to spend so much time talking about hydro, I thought I would share my findings with you.

The basis for comparison uses 233 kilowatts (since that was the amount on the Quebec bill). My hydro calculator was designed for a low density population without functioning smart meter (no time of use), using the lowest rate per kwh:

Item           Hydro One Hydro Quebec

Price per kilowatt hour (kwh) $0.094 $0.0568

Charge for 233 kwh $21.90 $13.23

Monthly fixed fee $41.42 $12.60

Smart meter fixed charge $0.79 $0

Delivery charges $14.67     $0

Regulatory charges $1.70       $0

Debt Retirement charge $1.63       $0

Taxes $10.67     $3.87

TOTAL $92.78     $29.70

I think the result speaks for itself.

Therese Trainor

Dean’s Bay