Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

The Attempt continues!

The unique and educational “attempt” at circumnavigating all of Manitoulin’s some 108 lakes has now seen the intrepid pair follow the shorelines of five of our amazing lakes after their paddle around the lesser-known but very interesting Tobacco Lake (just south of Gore Bay). 

Natalie Hastings and Kristin Bickell have now accumulated 43.5 km in total after having dipped their canoe Le Tigre previously in Bass Lake in Sheguiandah, Sucker Lake in Assiginack, finally Windfall and Big Lakes within Central Manitoulin. 

The paddlers enjoyed Tobacco Lake’s quiet waters, shale cliffs and friendly residents. There was a delay since the last time they had seen the perimeter of a lake but the pair has been making plans behind the scenes. They have a date set for their first overnighter, Kagawong. 

They have also been thankful to have received offers of guides of many other hidden gems as well they have had a few landowners reach out to them to offer launch sites to lakes without public access. Keep up the good work guys and keep having fun! Yay, Attempt!

MBC marks second unofficial Current to Killarney

July 4 would have marked the second annual Current to Killarney race. As with many events the race had to be postponed. However, it did not stop Mike Ranta from delivering another Killarney Cream Ale keg from Manitoulin Brewing Company to Killarney. The feat, as the crow flies, is at least 34 kilometers and Mike did it with only his dog, Spitzi!

Ranta just received the Meritorious Service Decoration on Canada Day from none other than Governor General Julie Payette. The award is meant to celebrate Canadians who have performed an exceptional deed or activity that brings honour to Canada. They recognize remarkable contributions in many different fields, from advocacy initiatives and healthcare services to research and humanitarian efforts. 

By the way, organizers hope to reschedule a 2021 edition of the Current to Killarney in the future. Let’s all hope for the future of a great race.

From Dad!

With everyone, including me, being over-parched and very sweaty, Korean baseball is looking very good. It’s live and competitive and most of the players are very good. There are numerous outstanding plays with recognizable players. Now, live soccer has been added to the live play television, from Germany, but hey, soccer fans don’t care! Stay patient; come on NHL!

The recent NHL draft lottery turned out to be quite a fiasco of chaos. As of now, we have no idea who will have the number overall pick. Who will get the unanimous No. 1 pick? Alex Lafreniere, the World Juniors MVP last year and twice the Outstanding CHL player of the Year? Consider that now the young man will have to wait months prior to being told where he will play in 2020/21. 

Though the broadcast did not make it clear, the Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings still have a chance at Alex. They will go into another draft along with the worst loser of the first round of the 16 game three-of-five playoffs. That loser will then compete with the Senators and Wings for the top three spots. Clear as mud?

A sport?

Another in the continuation of defining the boundaries of what we call sport, post–COVID, the TRM Customs Off Road Racing Series has announced it will go ahead with what is to be its third race of the series in Capreol this coming, September 12. The event, dubbed the Capreol Rock Race, will include the usual classes of stock, modified and unlimited vehicles that will throw and pull themselves over a gnarly course. The TMR Customs Off Road Racing Series “was created for 4WD off road enthusiasts to have fun competing against one another in a safe and friendly environment.”

It is well documented that F1 and Indy race car drivers have to be in top cardiovascular condition. They need to complete multi-hour tasks with multiple corrections per second. Without a well-conditioned ticker and muscles, a racer needs have a very efficient heart so they don’t blow it up in hour two and muscles with enough endurance that they don’t cramp up!

I would think that the added skill of navigating the jolting bumps and scary angles would need all of the above and more! Sound like fun? Bring ear plugs!

A good sport is good for sports