Ice hut debris leaves a bad taste on Mindemoya shores


MINDEMOYA – Spring Bay resident Pat Zacharjewicz was dismayed on a recent trip to the shores of Lake Mindemoya this spring. The remains of an ice fishing hut and a massive pile of garbage debris floated and lay around an ice floe.

“It really bothers me that people do this,” said Ms. Zacharjewicz. “I have to say something to someone. I didn’t bother calling the MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) because they don’t have the staff to deal with anything like this.” So Ms. Zacharjewicz called The Expositor, where her son Neil once worked as a reporter.

Among the 30 to 40 pieces of debris was a box, the base of the ice hut—apparently fused into the ice—and a gas can. “There were six-packs on the floor,” she said. “Saucepans, pop bottles, water bottles, tools; it was a real mess.”

“My husband said maybe we should get it out,” said Ms. Zacharjewicz, “but we are both seniors.”

Ms. Zacharjewicz said she contacted the town, but Central Manitoulin was not in a position to assist as errant ice fishing huts are MNRF’s responsibility.

“We did call the MNRF for her,” said CAO Ruth Frawley.

There was no response to messages left with the MNRF on the issue as of press time Monday.