I’m your Elliott’s Chef Cody Crawford enjoys family, cooking, gaming

LITTLE CURRENT—Cody Crawford has been working as a cook at Elliott’s Restaurant in Little Current for about four years and before that was a steady fixture at the Anchor Inn in a variety of capacities.

Cody is a bit of a outlier in the I’m Your Neighbour stable. “Don’t get me wrong, I like the outdoors, but I’m not your outdoorsy type,” he laughs.

The father of a young child, Scarlet, he finds that his time is pretty focused on home, hearth and family. “I don’t have a lot of spare time,” he admits, but when he finds a moment or two he is more likely to head into a round of the video game Overwatch than an expedition into the wilderness. “I find I can play a quick game before my other duties call.”

Cody enjoys working in a restaurant. “It’s always something different,” he said. “Every day brings something new.”

So what is Mr. Crawford’s favourite thing to cook when he is in his own kitchen? No hesitation there. “Steak,” he said. “Steak with a shrimp sauce. Don’t ask me for the recipe because I usually just make it up as I go.”

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